Top Tips for Creating Digital Marketing Strategies in 2017

The new year is upon us! 2016 is done and dusted and 2017 looms. Have you got your marketing plans for 2017 in place yet? You have? Great, since that is essential if your marketing campaigns are going to convert into sales. But what if you haven’t thought about that yet? Here are some tips for creating digital… Read More »

Marketing Skills – Have You Tried These?

Marketing Skills – that important part of our business that we acknowledge we have to focus hard on but get a little scared about. I was in my local library last week and found a book that I have started to read. It is: Has anyone read any of this series and applied to their… Read More »

Why We Need Digital Marketing in Business Today

Have you ever had a business of your own? What was its framework? How did you market it? The latter question needs attention because in this rapidly changing world, marketing is a key component of your bottom line. Digital marketing needs to be part of that crucial cost factor. So what can one do to… Read More »

Welcome to my “Build a Website” Home Page

Hello World! Welcome to my build-a-website online niche website. Here you will learn some of the tricks you need to build a website that could launch you into the world of online affiliate marketing. But, first, who am I? My name is Duncan McRae. I am a disciplined, motivated, self-starter who enjoys mentoring others. I have… Read More »